About Us

Qingdao Mutrade Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional mechanical parking solution providers in CHINA. We are committed to

provide the most suitable and cost effective parking solutions to our customers all over the world.


Every product supplied by Mutrade has been tested and updated by hundreds times in the past 10 years. Designs, materials, production procedures, finishing and packing is being updated to provide more and more reliable parking lifts for our customers.

Mutrade parking systems allow users to easily optimize parking space by simple solution, fast installation, convenient operation and low cost maintenance.

The structures are specially reinforced to stably carry various types of vehicles. Tested by a lot of load tests based on strict standards in different countries, there is no doubt that all products from Mutrade could be always trusted to protect users and vehicles.

  • 90+ countries installed

  • Multiple safety features

  • TUV certified

  • 20000+ parking experience

  • Featured Collection

    Advanced Design, Precise Manufacturing

    Case list

    • 01
      Simple Parking Lifts

      Simple Parking Lifts

      Explore a simple way to optimize parking space by innovation and technologies of Mutrade
    • 02
      Automated Parking Systems

      Automated Parking Systems

      Find experience about how the new Mutrade smart parking systems bring more parking space than your imagine.
    • 03
      Triple & Quad Parking Stackers

      Triple & Quad Parking Stackers

      Creative solution to increase the capacity of existing garage with compact and robust structure

    First-class experience

    Mutrade car parking lifts and systems are providing some creative solutions for the limited garages to increase parking space, optimize space efficiency and process of car parking.

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